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Technology Planning 

Relevant Strategies associates are proud to be generalists, and that broad perspective complements our special expertise in technology. We specialize in advising on technology planning projects for mid-size organizations serving up to 100,000 end users. In other words, Amazon doesn't call us to get advice on cloud services, but plenty of government agencies at the state and local level reach out when they are planning to replace a client management system.


If your core competencies are not in technology planning and acquisition, you may find you need help in steering through the complexities of selecting technology and information systems. How do you find the right answers, and what are the right questions to ask?


  • Build a new system or modify an existing one?

  • Buy off the rack or customize?

  • Hosted environment or in-house?

  • What are the questions we should ask on an RFP?

  • Who are the vendors you can trust?

  • What’s negotiable with the vendor, and what’s the best way to negotiate?

  • What systems will be inadequate the day you buy them? Which will stay flexible for a longer term?

  • How much should you budget in time and money, not just for planning and acquisition, but also for training, implementation, and ongoing maintenance?

  • Do you need an outside project manager or independent quality assurance?


Technology projects typically represent a huge investment—not just in money and time, but in your reputation.

Our team has worked on hundreds of large-scale information technology projects in industries ranging from public health and social services to education and even commercial fishing. We can work with you from conception to implementation, advising, guiding, and teaching, keeping your organization’s best interests in mind.

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