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​We're all about you

Focused on you. Disciplined. Smart. Loyal. Passionate. Invested.

Back in 2004, I was wrapping up the sale of a small but successful software development firm. I had watched clients - people I had grown to know well and care deeply about - struggle with getting help on their important projects. Big firms would swoop in, and their sales teams would promise the world. Then reality hit. Junior consultants, barely out of school, sent to perform work on risky projects. I hated what I saw, and could barely tolerate the title consultant. I wanted to start something different - a consulting firm that matched your values of hard work, quality services, and an "all-in" philosophy. Without the pressure of maximizing returns to shareholders, our group can be more flexible with our project selection. Need some quick advice? Can do, will do. Need some part-time facilitation over the course of many months? Got you covered.

You've planned for years for your project. You've scraped together the resources, you've obtained buy-in from the executive team, and you've finally obtained the funding to get your project started. Wouldn't you rather have someone who is as invested as you helping you out?

Relevant Strategies brings to clients the experience of managing highly visible challenges that require broad oversight and attention to political and stakeholder perspectives. Porsche is a mathematician and statistician by training; she has an MBA in technology and innovation management, executive experience, and serves on several corporate boards. She is backed up by a team of on-call associates with seasoned experience in specialized fields.


Of course, organizational and technical skills alone won’t serve clients unless a consultant also has intuition about people and how they interact. When a client hires Relevant Strategies, it is also hiring a group that's good with people, who has shown that they can bring diverse views together to achieve common purposes. Tact, fairness, and an ability to reach stakeholders in common-sense ways underlie Relevant Strategies’ approach.

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