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Systems and Process Evaluation

Relevant Strategies brings a disciplined, methodical approach to understanding, evaluating and overseeing large systems and complex processes.


We first work with clients to clarify the purpose of the evaluation or quality assurance work. A successful evaluation must use measures that identify relevant and impactful data and processes, while screening out static.


Once the data has been collected, clients need more than just a statistical report. An evaluation must not only be technically valid, it must be interpreted accurately and articulated in a way that’s meaningful and clear to the customer and stakeholders.


Clients want to know what's the next step, what the data means, and how we concluded what we concluded. They want this information communicated in a way that’s easily understood by diverse stakeholders.


Whether it’s independent quality assurance, a program evaluation or a business process improvement project, Relevant Strategies is experienced in helping clients better understand their current situation and new alternatives.

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