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Quality Assurance, Governance and Oversight



The nation’s fourth largest credit union, BECU provides comprehensive financial services to nearly one million members and has over $14 billion in assets. One of the Board’s major challenges in recent years is transitioning from a credit union solely for Boeing Company employees to a community-based organization available to anyone who works or lives in Washington state. Porsche is the former vice-chair of the board, chaired the Governance Committee, and chaired the Finance & Risk Committee during the transition to CFPB oversight of financial institutions larger than $10B in assets.



Partnership 2000 is nonprofit association that works throughout Washington state to promote employment for people with developmental disabilities. Its executive committee asked Relevant Strategies to facilitate its annual retreat, with the purpose of developing a unified vision for the organization, speaking with one voice, and developing a culture of shared responsibility. We worked with its board and members to identify a comprehensive, prioritized legislative agenda. We further helped the group explore the causes and effects produced by the lack of cohesiveness and commitment, then facilitated an agreement toward a more effective and disciplined organization.

Health care


Group Health is the Northwest’s largest integrated health care system. It serves about 600,000 people in two states with over 7,000 staff. Group Health’s trustees are stewards of nearly $4 billion in annual revenue. As a former trustee and chair of the board, Porsche Everson shared responsibility for ensuring a quality approach to service delivery in its medical centers, hospital, contracted services, and administrative procedures.

Quality Assurance


The Department of Enterprise Services initiated a complex and risky project to combine and host enterprise email and vault services for all state employees. This initiative included all executive branch agencies and was also available to other state government agencies. The outcome was a single source solution hosted in the state’s data center. This was the first major technology project that involved coordination from all executive branch agencies in the State of Washington. Over 75 diverse agencies participated in the project. The state now has a highly reliable and uniform email service, significantly reduced risks, and major cost reductions. The project was used as a model for other shared services projects which are in the planning stages or underway. Porsche Everson and Glenn Briskin provided independent quality assurance for the project.

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