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You get something different from Relevant Strategies...

Consultants, facilitators, analysts, project managers, and coaches are a dime a dozen. Why choose Relevant Strategies?


  • First, we specialize in high-risk, highly complex, multiple-stakeholder challenges—and we have a track record to prove that we help our clients succeed.


  • Second, we focus on complementing your core business or mission, not second-guessing what you do best. Instead, we address the gap you identified that is outside your strengths, while advocating and supporting your core competencies and goals.


  • Third, we’re generalists. We see the forest from the trees. New perspectives—from other industries, disciplines, and organizational cultures—can provide the tools and approaches our clients need to solve their challenges. It’s why diversity is such a powerful asset. We can take ideas from finance and apply them to health care, best practices in education and apply them to business. And vice versa.


  • Finally, we take a long view. We will support you through an entire lifecycle, paying attention to political and cultural nuances to help ensure long-term success.

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