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Strategic Facilitation

Every organization has stinky problems. They’re the problems with no end in sight, divergent stakeholders focused on themselves, and so much complexity and cross-currents that it’s hard to know where to begin.


That’s where Relevant Strategies brings their expertise.


Our goal isn’t a group hug or everyone singing “Kumbaya” together. Our idea of facilitation, management consulting, coaching, and consulting isn’t group therapy.


Still, you can’t have successful long-term outcomes—you can’t make progress—without understanding the goals, interests and issues people bring to important work.


We use structured tools to help groups first identify shared interests and common objectives. We help people really listen to what others are saying. We establish an environment where honest, real communication exists, and people can rationally discuss motivations, concerns, and ideas together. Most of the time, our stakeholders start far apart on positions, but remarkably aligned on shared interests. 


By maintaining a focus on our shared interests, we ask the group to understand the implications and their impacts on diverse people. There are multiple paths to success, and creative, thoughtful people can come together to solve intractable issues. We've seen it happen many, many times.


Finally, we lead the group in focused problem-solving. Every group is different, and we use different approaches depending upon the needs of the organization. Some tools we use include:


  • Introducing industry best practices, or crossover best practices from other industries. 

  • A factual analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 

  • Using Lean practices to streamline processes and involve frontline staff.

  • Clear communications that stakeholders can take back to their constituencies. 

  • Identifying multiple or alternative paths to success.


The goal: productive, sustainable outcomes.

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