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Our clients believe that an outside perspective will help them identify the pathway to addressing a tough problem. It might be politically charged or one with competing constituencies. One that requires a decision from among difficult alternatives. Or one with multiple strategies and uncertain outcomes.
Relevant Strategies offers strategic facilitation for stakeholder groups, compelling data visualizations, and support for hosting effective virtual meetings.



Let's be frank. Most tough problems don't have miracle cures or magic pills. But I and my associates at Relevant Strategies can help you determine those changes that will make a noticeable difference, avoid or defuse crises, and—most important—bring measurable progress.




Consultants, facilitators, analysts, project managers, and coaches are a dime a dozen. Why choose Relevant Strategies?


First, we specialize in high-risk, highly complex projects with multiple stakeholder challenges. Second...





Almost all of our projects are from repeat customers. Customers we call colleagues, friends, contemporaries. They are smart people who do difficult jobs, and sometimes need extra help, especially with tough projects that deserve more attention and focus.

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